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Top Java 9 Features You Must Know


Object-Oriented Programming, Java was designed by James Gosling and Java was maintained by Oracle Corporation (then Sun Corporation). This general-purpose programming language is class-based and is equipped with concurrent programming features. It also has multi-threading features and is a static, safe, and strongly typed programming language. The file extension names of this programming language are .java or .class. 


The release of Java 9 is a milestone for the Java ecosystem. Staying up to date with new releases is essential to keep up with the technology and learning more about the released versions will gear you closer to your Java, J2EE & SOA Certification. In this article, we will talk about Java 9 features. Java 9’s initial version was released on 21 Sep 2017 and delivers exceptional improvements and new enhancements to the previous versions of Java. Java 9 guarantees that your coding methods and habits are extensively modified and updated in a way that benefits facilitate you. The most prominent difference brought forth by Java 9 is the modularization of Java. This is one of the important developments brought to the Java program after the onset of Lambdas in Java 8.


Java 9 is equipped with top-notch feature sets like Jshell (REPL), Jigsaw, collections, and some API changes under the hood. In this article, we will explore all Java 9 new features extensively. Before we explain the Java 9 features in detail let us take a quick glimpse at how Java 9 helped to overcome those anomalies present in the previous versions.


  • In the previous version, the JDK and the Java Standard Edition platform were not navigable for small computing devices
  • There was no overall security and maintenance of JDK.
  • There was also a lack in the overall improvement in application performance
  • For both the Java SE and EE Platforms, it was challenging for Java developers to develop and uphold the code libraries and larger applications.
  • Java 9 deprecates a few features which are no longer in trend. The most important among those is Applet API. This feature has gone out of style as security-conscious developers have removed Java browser plug-ins support. Developers have now resorted to alternatives like Java Web Start, for launching apps from a browser. 
  • Java 9 also removes the feature of the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) garbage collector. The idea is to race up the growth of other garbage collectors in the HotSpot virtual machine.  
  • Java 9 also omits Java warnings on import statements. It helps to make large codebases clear of lint warnings.


Benefits of Java 9

Whether working with Java SE 9 or any other version, depending upon the business need, the addition of the most advanced features will bring forth advancements in the following:


  • Greater speed of development, especially due to the system of modules that are much easier to debug and maintain and reusable.
  • Another advantage of the system of modules is that it will increase the resource effectiveness of big or small applications. The development programmers will require to take only the required modules instead of all JRE.
  • Formulation of sets using one instead of several lines of code.
  • Microbenchmarks that will enable analyze the performance of very small pieces of code.
  • Support for HTTP 2.0 Client – implying greater speed.

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