Business Studies/Business Studies-[Class 11-MCQS ]-Chapter 9 Small Business Sample Test,Sample questions

A small scale serivce and business enterprise is one whose investment in fixed assets of plant and machinery excluding land and building does not exceed ___

1.Rs.25 Lakhs

2.Rs.30 Lakhs

3. Rs.10 Lakhs

4.Rs.15 Lakhs

A tiny unit is defined as an industrial or business enterprise whose investment in plant and machinery is not more than ________

1. Rs. 25 Lakhs

2.Rs.30 Lakhs

3.Rs.35 Lakhs

4.Rs.50 Lakhs

Any industry located in a rural area which produces any goods, renders any service with or without the use of power is known as ______

1.City Industry

2.Town Industry

3. Village Industry

4.District Industry

In India, the ?Village and Small Industries? Sector consists of both traditional and modern small industries. This sector has ___________subgroups.





Expand EOUs

1.Essential Operating units

2.Export Order Units

3.Export Oriented units

4.Essential order units

Limit of investment in small scale industry is ______ crore

2. two crore

3.five crore

4.Ten crore

Micro enterprises are those whose investment in plant and machinery does not exceed rupees___

1.5 Lakh

2. 3 Lakh

3.1 Lakh

4.2 Lakh

Small scale industries owned and managed by women entrepreneurs have share capital of not less than __________

1. 25 percent

2.50 percent

3. 51 percent

4. 20 percent

The small scale industry can enjoy the status of _______ unit if it exports more than 50% of its production.

1.Domestic unit

2.Export Oriented units

3. Small scale unit

4. Import oriented units

The small scale industry can enjoy the status of ________ if it supplies not less than 50% of its production to another industry, referred to as the parent unit.

1. Village industries

2.Micro Business industry

3.Export oriented unit

4.Ancillary small industry

Which of the following comes under the Modern Small Industries?





Which of the following is organised by individuals?

1. Cottage Industries

2.Railway industry

3.None of these

4.Chemical industry

Which of the following is part of ?Village and Small Industries Sector?




4.All of these

___ is defined as one in which the investment in fixed assets of plant and machinery does not exceed rupees one crore.

1.Limited Companies

2.None of these

3.Small Scale Industry

4.Large Scale industry

_____ are also known as Rural industries or Traditional industries

1.Food industry

2. Cottage Industries

3.None of these

4.Agricultural industry


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