Pointer declaration in C ,Address operator

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In c a pointer is a variable that points to or references a memory location in which data is stored. Each memory cell in the computer has an address that can be used to access that location so a pointer variable points to a memory location we can access and change the contents of this memory location via the pointer.

Pointer declaration:

A pointer is a variable that contains the memory location of another variable. The syntax is as shown below. You start by specifying the type of data stored in the location identified by the pointer. The asterisk tells the compiler that you are creating a pointer variable. Finally you give the name of the variable.

type * variable name


int *ptr;float *string;

Address operator

Once we declare a pointer variable we must point it to something we can do this by assigning to the pointer the address of the variable you want to point as in the following example.


This places the address where num is stores into the variable ptr. If num is stored in memory 21260 address then the variable ptr has the value 21260.

/* A program to illustrate pointer declaration*/



int *ptr;

int sum;



printf (“\n Sum is %d\n”, sum);

printf (“\n The sum pointer is %d”, ptr);


/* Program to display the contents of 

the variable their address using pointer variable*/

#include< stdio.h >


int num, *intptr;

float x, *floptr;

char ch, *cptr;







printf(“Num %d stored at address %u\n”,*intptr,intptr);

printf(“Value %f stored at address %u\n”,*floptr,floptr);

printf(“Character %c stored at address %u\n”,*cptr,cptr);


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