The Laravel History and Its works framework develop

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The Laravel History and Its works framework develop


In 2011, Taylor Otwell, a great web developer has created an open source PHP framework, he called it Laravel. For only just 2 years, many developers around the world have been developing and using Laravel to build their applications. Laravel has come to version 4.1 today. It has many features such as built in session management, database management, Composer, Eloquent ORM and many more.

Laravel is a full stack framework, it means that you can develop web application completely from scratch using its amazing database wrapper called Eloquent ORM and its own templating engine called Blade. Many problems in the process of creating web application have been solved by Laravel.

Laravel is a great tool, a great time saver to help you build things faster and faster. There are many reasons for using Laravel to develop web applications. One of the reasons is, Laravel has a welcoming and supportive community. Unlike Symfony or Zend framework, you can easily find many code snippets, tutorials, courses about Laravel. Even though the Laravel 4 has just been released a few months ago.

Laravel is not only Taylor Otwell’s product. It’s the product of a big community. It’s an open source framework, thus hundred developers worldwide have been providing many new features, bug fixes, ideas. You can easily ask questions in the community forum, or through Laravel IRC channel.


Laravel is a MVC Framework?

MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern is very popular and many developers are using it for their application today. Laravel also loves the MVC. You can find folders called models-views-controllers inside Laravel. If you don’t know about MVC, Laravel will help you to master it easily by just developing application with it.

So what is MVC? Basically, it’s a architecture pattern that enforces seperation between models (information), controller (user’s interaction) and view (models’ display). Simply put, it helps to seperate your applications to many small parts in an organized structure. The main benefits of using MVC pattern is that, it helps you to change, extend and maitain your applications easily.

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