How to Optimize App Marketing and Increase Conversion Rate

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Do you want to optimize app marketing to boost conversion rate? Read this blog and uncover the step-by-step guide to app store optimization. 


Undoubtedly, app marketing is on the hype, and the number keeps growing. More than 4 million apps have received rank on the apple and Google Play stores. This means you need to be strategic when marketing your app since you need to beat the vast competition if you need to generate more revenue and traffic on the app. 

This guide will let you know some crucial app optimization steps and a few tips to increase the conversion rate. So, without further ado, let us get started!

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of making changes to an app's download page to increase exposure and drive more downloads. It is essential for sticking out in a crowded app market whether you are developing an app or already have one available on the market.

Emery says, "ASO is not a 'one and made an effort; it requires ongoing care and regular upgrades.”

5 Amazing Tips To Optimize App Marketing

With the research and proven strategies, we have rounded up the best techniques to optimize app marketing for better customer reach. Following tips can help you encounter issues and make your app profitable.

  1. Work With Relevant Keywords

Working with relevant keywords is essential to target the audience. Thus, you will need to summarize the keywords list as what is appropriate or most searchable by your audience. Ideally, these are the keywords that most of your competitors use. So, matching keywords like your competitor can help you achieve success. 

Must keep in mind the following things-


  • Do not use irrelevant keywords for the app; it will penalize your ranking.

  • Use only one form of the keyword (singular or plural).

  • Do not incorporate keywords that include the word “app.”

We suggest you use Google Keyword planner for searching keywords related to your app marketing. 

  1.  Optimize Title & Description


Title and description are the most critical Meta that have the power to get more traffic and leads. Thus, you need to focus on your title and description writing, ranging between 160-165 characters. Make sure to incorporate your company's name and top relevant keywords that are easier to search. To check whether your title is compelling or not, create a title and explore it. You're not creative enough if the results show the exact title you made. Anything after the description needs to be read more like CTAs.

  1. Make Use of Icons & Screenshots

With compelling icons and images, you can rock in the marketplace. You must choose the app icon that is easily recognizable and memorable for customers. Its primary aim is to use different colours and combinations that can eliminate any confusion of the potential customers. Most customers look into the screenshots before downloading the app, so we recommend you use as many screenshots to grab the customer's attention. 

In addition, you can use a modern colour combination to please your customers and show that your app is much better than others. 

  1.  Don't Overlook Your Competition

You must learn about your competition and marketing strategies to take your business to the top. It helps you better understand the market and make your business successful. Here are the crucial factors you should understand:


  • Number of competitions

  • Several apps are being updated rigorously.

  • How widespread the business niche is.

When you enter the market, make sure you've researched well. Also, keep monitoring the competition so that you can make necessary changes on time.

  1.  Build Maximum Backlinks

To create a strong app portfolio, you must create high-quality backlinks. Or your app should be actively linked to the websites relevant to your app and based on Google's algorithms authority. Remember, backlinks should be in text form using the alternate tag. Also, don't rush on making backlinks; instead, focus on quality links, and that's what Google prefers.  

Now, it's time to discuss some tips to boost the conversion rate after optimizing the app.

 3 Ways To Increase Conversion Rate Of An App

  1. Learn How Customers Interact With Your App

Increasing conversion rate is difficult, especially if you don't understand how visitors interact with customers. So we suggest you perform website analysis, and you can see screen recordings of users and how they interact with your site. The recording displays what is clicked by users, where they move, etc. 

A tool like Crazy Egg can help you see in what areas you're working best and what areas you need to work on. Also, you can calculate the conversion rate and analyze where you are lacking.

  1.  Test Your Offers

Sometimes you are pretty sure about your offers, but the results are not convincing. If this happens, it's time to check your offers and content – is the content appropriate? Does it engage users? Do the offers make sense? 

Do cross-check with offers and think about your customers. For instance, offering free demos or one-hour consultation sessions is something that grabs users' attention and might increase conversion rates. Though, the customer is getting the most out of it and doesn't need time to clear out time. 

Always offer tangible and compelling offers since they perform better and give excellent leads. 

  1. Include Live Chat

If the user doesn't convert, they might have confusion or question regarding your concern about the product or services. Therefore, if you avoid losing potential customers, you can add live chat to your site. With the live chat, your customer service will appear more trustworthy to clients and can ease the anxieties of potential customers who are on the fence.

The Bottom Line

So, at the end of this article, we just need to say that optimising app marketing and increasing conversions rate are all based on your customers. If you know your customers, including their interests, how they interact with them, and more; you can rock in the market and enjoy better leads. However, the pro-tip is to incorporate React Native push notifications to drive traffic and sales to your business. This would increase customer retention and reduce cart abandonment. Think about it!

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