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With the rapid development of high technology and other industries, the financial sector is also developing. Digital currencies are increasingly being integrated into various industries.

Namely, the introduction of cryptocurrency. Because of this, demand is growing and, accordingly, the cost of owning a cryptocurrency. How to trade cryptocurrency? How to earn from cryptocurrency? We will try to find answers to these two questions together with you.

First you need to understand the essence of some terms.

Trading is one of the most modern and profitable tools for making money.

Binary options trading is one of the easiest ways to make money, especially because it involves guessing the price change of a particular currency or commodity (asset). There is no need to have a unified knowledge of economics or finance; Or any course at all.

It's simple: you need only to predict whether the price of a certain asset will rise or fall. This process will be visually shown on the graph.

Since cryptocurrency is a digital currency, and it is almost impossible to hack blockchain technology, this indicates that cryptocurrency is a safe investment option.

What can be bought with Cryptocurrency?

  • Various products on the sites of technology companies and e-commerce.

  • Some luxuries. There are a number of stores that offer to purchase branded items for cryptocurrency.

  • Cars. Mass brand sellers and some luxury brands also accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

  • Insurance.

If you have analyzed the existing exchanges before you start investing. We studied ways to store digital currency. We diversified investments, namely, the distribution of investments in various markets.

And you understand that the exchange market is volatile and you need to be prepared that prices fluctuate. Then crypto is a good investment for you.

The best platform for earning Cryptocurrencies

Speaking about the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, you should to mention the Binany website. What is the Binany trading platform?

  • GEO - India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, Chile, Mexico.

  • Year of foundation - 2019

  • Languages ​​- English

  • Currency - Indian rupee (INR), taka (BDT).

  • Deposit/withdrawal methods - Perfect Money, PayPall, Neteller, Skrill

  • Product type - stock, currency, cryptocurrency, binary options trading

  • Application – Binany app for android

  • Bonuses - +100% on the first deposit

  • Support - chat, mail -, 24/7 support in 10 languages ​​(Russian, English, German, Turkish, French, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Portuguese)

How do options work? Let’s explore binany reviews to earn crypto.

An option is a derivative asset, its price depends on the value of the underlying shares. Based on this, trading has a high risk as well as profitability.

On your lucky day, a 1% increase in the underlying stock could equal a 5% increase in your entire options portfolio. Unfortunately, the situation can be reversed as well. Due to the high risk, investors are not always ready to invest all their funds in options for fear of incurring unexpected losses.

Where there is risk, there is always profit. Where there is profit, there is always risk. Before you start making a profit (up to 90% of the transaction amount), you need to know that every risk, like every income, is fixed in advance.

As mentioned earlier, closing a deal is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make money. The minimum stake (in other words, the amount of the transaction) on is 30 rupees. And the minimum deposit amount is 300 rupees.

Main types of options:

All options are divided into three types depending on the period of implementation - American, European and Bermuda.


The contract has a definite, predetermined period of validity (expiration of a fixed-term contract and settlement of the parties). For example, if a trader bought a contract with execution in 15 minutes, then it is impossible to close it before the expiration of this period. These options are used for short-term trading with aggressive strategies.


This is a contract in which the trade is closed when the price reaches a certain level. The trader is not required to wait for the expiration of the option specified at the time of purchase. Due to democratic conditions, American-style options have a lower yield. They are most profitable when using moderate strategies in medium-term trading.


In the Bermuda or Mid-Atlantic version, there are so-called time windows. When such a window is reached, the trader has the right to close his contract at the current price at that time. Bermuda options are interesting for long-term trading, and time windows for redemption are usually indicated for the entire period of the option's existence.

What's the point of this Process?

First you need to make a deal. We choose the expiration time (that is, the option closing time) and wait for the end of precious seconds. The platform will check if you made a correct prediction, and if it turns out to be correct, then you will receive a profit of up to 90% of the invested amount.

Binary options are a relatively new financial instrument with which a trader can trade precious metals and oil or currency pairs (liquid goods). Simply put, this is a bet with two possible options: a correct forecast and a profit, or a wrong forecast and a loss of investment.

They take part of their name from the structure of the trades themselves, since each trade has two ("bi") possible outcomes.

Popular currency pairs to trade on Binany:

The currency pair in the binary options industry is a common asset among binary traders.

  • GBP/USD is the ratio of the British pound to the US dollar. Sufficiently high volatility and frequent breakouts of levels

  • EUR/JPY OTC - the ratio of the euro to the Japanese yen. This couple is unpredictable.

  • USD/JPY OTC - the ratio of the US dollar to the Japanese yen

  • NZD/CAD - ratio of the New Zealand dollar to the Canadian dollar

  • GBP/USD OTC - the ratio of the British pound to the US dollar. One of the hottest on the market

  • GBP/NZD is the ratio of the British pound to the New Zealand dollar. This pair is popular mainly among experienced Binany traders.

It is difficult for such companies to gain access to the Indian market due to the lack of appropriate government laws and licenses. On the other hand, the options market is open to Indian traders.

After analyzing a brief overview of the site, we can say that Binany trading is legal in India, since the legal entity is located abroad, it accepts Indian rupees, the site has popular payment systems in India.

How to make money without Investment

There are a number of ways that are working. To earn crypto without investment, you should carefully study all possible ways and choose the most convenient for yourself.

  • Crypto mining.

  • Decentralized finance projects

  • Receiving cryptocurrency as a cashback.

  • Airdrops

  • Earning dividends on the storage of cryptocurrency.

  • Play and earn

  • Getting referral bonuses

If you still have a question: “how to earn cryptocurrency without investment?” Then carefully read the bottom section, where each method is described in detail!

Best way to earn Cryptocurrency

In this section, possible options for earning cryptocurrency will be disclosed, and somewhere even the possibilities of obtaining free remuneration in the form of this financial unit are described. Best way to make crypto:

  1. A fantastic way to earn free cryptocurrency is to invest in NFTs that provide rewards to holders. One such opportunity is the purchase of Investor Pass NFT for the Copium protocol.

  2. Play simulation crypto games to practice and develop economic thinking. The best crypto games function just like the classic video games that people know and love, except that they are hosted on the blockchain and not on gaming consoles. In addition, crypto games can also reward users with cryptocurrencies for experienced games.

  3. Use crypto interest accounts. With the help of specialized cryptographic interest accounts, you have the opportunity to earn interest on your investments. A prime example of this is the Interest Account offered by AQRU, one of the leading platforms in this growing area of ​​the cryptocurrency market. AQRU allows users to deposit crypto and start earning interest immediately, with five different coins currently supported. Notably, AQRU offers up to 12% interest per annum on stablecoin deposits and 7% on BTC or ETH deposits. Another great platform to consider is Block Fi. Like AQRU, Block Fi allows users to earn cryptocurrencies by making deposits, with over 30 coins supported on the platform. Block Fi also offers complex interests and a fast application process, making it ideal for users who want to store their cryptocurrency for the long term.

  4. Cryptobet. In other words, this is the process of blocking your coins in order to verify new block in certain blockchain networks. In exchange for helping with the verification process, participants who stake their coins will receive free cryptocurrency as a reward.

  5. Participate in an Airdrop. Crypto airdrop is the process of distributing cryptocurrency among the persons interested in a particular project. The last time in 2022 was Tamadoge's massive crypto giveaway. Completing the tasks of the game, users received various rewards and had the opportunity to get the biggest raffled prize.

  6. Passing educational courses. Many platforms offer training and receive free cryptocurrencies. how does cryptocurrency trading work? This is the first question to which you should know the answer, but where, no matter how on the training courses, they will tell you better about all the intricacies of this area?

  7. Participation in DeFi lending. First, let's find out what this abbreviation means. DeFi is an abbreviation for analogues of traditional financial instruments or services and applications created on the blockchain. What is it for? DeFi lending involves lending your cryptocurrency to a specific protocol, which will then lend it to a third party. In exchange for providing you with cryptocurrencies, you will earn interest - at rates often much higher than what the traditional banking system offers. How does it work in practice? You purchase the best cryptocurrency to invest in and then lend it through the DeFi protocol, thereby benefiting from the increase in value. The yield will vary depending on the asset and the protocol you are using.

  8. Earning rewards through cryptocurrency cards. Using crypto credit cards, you can receive cashback for digital purchases and thus earn. The seller receives profit in the usual monetary format (FIAT) while you pay in cryptocurrency with this card. Cashback rewards will vary from provider to provider, although they are generally distributed in the platform's native token.

  9. Use of crypto mixers. What does this term mean? A crypto mixer is nothing more than generating small amounts of cryptocurrency to quickly solve simple problems. For example, viewing digital advertising, passing CAPTCHAs, participating in quizzes, and the like. The amount of such earnings will depend on the provider of the proposed task, although they are extremely small.

  10. Help with cryptomining. Mining requires powerful computing systems, which is why miners are encouraged to help through mining rewards. Such remunerations are usually accrued in national currency. Currently, miners are large companies that own large banks of computing equipment and manage them around the clock.

But before you study and implement these strategies in your practice, you need to understand «how cryptocurrency trading works».

  • Step 1: provide basic documents, Aadhaar card (unique personal number assigned by a government agency), PAN card (primary account number). Go through the KYC process. KYC literally means "know your customer". This is the process of verifying a client on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Step 2: place an order on a cryptocurrency exchange

  • Step 3: waiting for a transaction

  • Step 4: secure storage of the purchased currency in a crypto wallet provided by the respective exchange.

Constantly study the market: price and volume, in order to predict price action. Look for patterns in price action fluctuations, as the market is susceptible to certain behavior.

The cycle can be conditionally divided into four parts: accumulation, marking, distribution and reduction. As the market moves between these stages, traders will continually adapt their positions by consolidating, tracking or adjusting as they see fit.

Many cryptocurrency traders use support and resistance levels to bet on price direction. What does this mean? Support is a price level where a downtrend is more likely to stop due to an influx of demand. When prices decline, traders also buy low, creating a support line.

Conversely, resistance is a price level where an uptrend tends to stall due to a sell-off.

trend lines. The key element here will be the history of the market. Support and resistance levels will be associated with trend lines and change over time, displaying this on a visual curve. Consequently, traders will register these barriers in order to form a strategy for the future.

Round numbers are another trader's tool that influences support/resistance levels.

Moving Averages - This feature is good at tracking the lower support levels of an uptrend along with the peaks of resistance during a downtrend. When analyzed in relation to trading volume, the moving average is a useful indicator of short-term momentum.

Chart templates are well-known "candles".

All these tools will help you see and understand the market situation. Then you expose yourself to fewer risks and are able to achieve the expected productive result.

Earning Cryptocurrencies legally in India?

Cryptocurrency is relevant everywhere. India is one of the regions where the cryptocurrency market is growing incredibly fast. That is why a tax on income from cryptocurrencies was introduced.

There are many applications that make it possible to conveniently buy and sell cryptocurrency, but not all platforms pay a transaction tax, if the user lives in India, he himself will have to pay this tax.

In India, there are widespread crypto games where you can earn cryptocurrencies. Currently, Indian regulations state that cryptocurrency is not prohibited and is not considered an asset.

And as mentioned above, since 2022, taxation has been introduced for cryptocurrency, so all transactions with it are legal. Therefore, answering the question, we can confidently say that earn crypto legal in India.

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