5 Best Outdoor Subscription Boxes for Men

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According to recent research, the subscription box market is growing incredibly. Over the last half a decade, there has been a yearly growth of over 100%. Subscription box industry revenue grew from $57 million in 2011 to $2.6 billion in late 2016. 

The quick rise in subscription boxes is for their ability to prepare one for any upcoming outdoor adventure to the world's end. Outdoor subscription boxes for men are what any outdoor adventurer needs to tackle the harsh outdoor environment.

Can you imagine discovering the pricey new cologne is not your choice? What about running out of sharp razors? These are some scenarios why most men resort to the best outdoor subscription boxes. Men's subscription boxes are available in many categories promising great value and products. Check out the best subscription boxes for men currently available in the market.

1. Battlbox

Battlbox has a team of professionals who search the world for the most valuable and innovative outdoor tactical, EDC, and survival gear compared to bespoke post, which is just good camping gear. That makes Battlbox an ideal choice for those who find it difficult to differentiate between a Bespoke Post and a Battlbox.

Battlbox is a subscription box for survivalists. It sends monthly outdoor gear and accessories such as camping supplies, emergency tools, and preparedness gadgets. You can be sure of receiving items like flashlights, knives, compasses, fire starters, and other devices.

There are different items in each subscription box, although you will usually get 4 to 6 items. Like other subscription boxes for men, Battlbox has an online store to purchase survival gear essentials.

You can choose the basic box, advanced box, pro box, or pro plus box when subscribing to Battlbox. The subscription box unveils new and exciting items for its boxes every month. The themes vary and are great for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, camping, and sailing.

2. Nomadik

Nomadik is an excellent lifestyle subscription box for men who love being outdoors. Every box has a value sending between three to five items as one main product, 1 to 3 smaller gear items, and 1 or 2 items serving as inspirational or educational pleasant.

Monthly deliveries have a theme to help enhance every outdoor scene. For any beginner or avoid outdoor person, this subscription box will enable you hit the trail in style.

3. Cratejoy


The Cratejoy subscription box has something little for every recipient. With the subscription box costing as little as $4, there is always something for anyone. From the monthly escape rooms to the outdoor devices, you will enjoy several options in a one to 12-month subscription.

Outdoor lovers can choose from niche categories and subcategories, including games, beverages, books, and arts and crafts. Cratejoy also comes with boxes like Find seekers mysteries subscription for game lovers. Every subscription contains a family-friendly game relating to different cities across the world. It is an excellent subscription box for men who love mystery, traveling, puzzles, and strategy.

Cratejoy also provides different ways that help in managing subscribers’ experience. For example, Cratejoy will be responsible for their renewal dates, subscriptions, shipping addresses, and billing information. They can always make modifications without contacting you.

4. Alpha Outpost 

Alpha Outpost is an outdoor subscription box for men that help in enhancing their outdoor survival skills. Members will receive various outdoor gear and survival products at their doorstep.

In the past, members received fire starters, hideout boxes, and hydration-themed, marooned subscription boxes. For example, multiple tools can help start a fire in the fire starter box, such as a foldable tree saw, torch patch, fiber light, Ferro rod, and torch and stormproof matches.

Although most of these items are excessive regarding primary fires, if you spend lots of time in the backcountry or camping, you will need some steel/flint, stormproof matches, and a portable saw. Alpha Outpost is an excellent way of practicing survival skills and trying out new equipment during outdoor adventures.

5. Isle Box

Isle Box caters to men who prefer having a good time outdoors and newbies with little experience. That subscription box suits men of different skill levels and is quite trendy. The Isle Box gives you four options. The choices are the seasonal pass, starter box, national parks box, and monthly pass.

The monthly and seasonal passes are perfect options for those who love the experience of being on the trend. These two options will allow you to order the latest outdoor gear. Isle Box has a water filter, sleeping pad, stove, and sleeping bag.

People who prefer a one-time purchase should purchase the National Parks and Starter boxes. The Isle Box subscription box lets one view the available items before purchasing them.


Depending on what you prefer regarding the product and plan, you can save some money every month when you go for the best subscription boxes for men. Keep in mind whenever you are shopping, several subscription boxes offer discounts to new members, and coupon codes will help reduce the costs.

Outdoor subscription boxes for men never disappoint; you can be sure of getting excellent products that will benefit you in different outdoor settings. These boxes also provide products that are of great importance as well.

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