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How To Create Cells?
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In this topic we are going to create instance of Label and add these cells to the sheet. In next topics we will discus more about Label and its potions. 

The WritableSheet, is public interface which extends Sheet interface, is used as interface for a worksheet which may be modified.
 We can make modification like Sets the page setup details, name of sheet, header, footer, width of the column, removes a row, and removes the specified hyperlink, removes a column, merges the specified cells. The most important modification is adding cells.

For these WritableSheet have many number of methods .In this topic we will cover only addCell() method.
The addCell(WritableCell cell) is public method of WritableSheet interface with void return type. This method throws WriteException and RowsExceededException exceptions.

Here in this we have pass one argument which is cell.


Label label = new Label(0, 2, "A label record");



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