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POI Api Introduction

The Apache POI api API used to create and maintain various file formats of MS Office like Ms Excel Files, Ms Words, and Power POInt files using java. In other words we can read and write MS Excel files, MS Word and MS PowerPOInt files using Java.

In above section you will learn the ways for create excel sheet, read it ,format cells etc .Here only basics of POI api Java tutorial and examples are discussed. We will cover more in to our coming "Advance Java POI api" section. Apache provides ss=(HSSF+XSSF) packages for Excel, HWPF+XWPF Word documents and HSLF+XSLF PowerPOInt presentations


To create an Excel you need POI api APIs only. Which you can download from http://POI . Then you need unzip this folder and set the classpath of all jars. If you are using any IDE(eclipse or netbean) then configure jars within your project. You need more jars .commons-logging,log4j , junit-3.8.1,dom4j-1.6.1,geronimo-stax-api_1.0_spec-1.0 and xmlbeans-2.3.0 These jars will with zip file you have just insure the classpath is set before start example of POI api.

POI api Tutorials and Interview Question

Apache POI api is the java API for Microsoft's documents. POI api stands for "Poor Obfuscation Implementation". POI api API provides pure Java libraries for reading and writing files in Microsoft Office formats, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint .

You can use that API to do everything from creating new workbooks to setting cell fonts and colors. You could even write your own spreadsheet front end, then the API to write out the data.


Apache POI api have different subcomponents for manipulating Microsoft office formats. such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Few important Apache POI api components are given below

  • POIFS is (Poor Obfuscation Implementation File System) This component is used to read and write Microsoft's OLE2 compound document formats. It is the building block of all the other POI api elements
  • XSS is (XML spread sheet format). This component is used to read and write XML files.
  • HWPF is (Horrible word processor format) This component is used to read and write Microsoft's word 97 doc format.
  • HSSF is (Horrible spread sheet format) This component helps in read and write Microsoft's Excel format files
  • HSLF is (Horrible slide layout format) This component helps to create ,edit , read presentation.

So , these are the few basic components of Apache POI api other than these more components are available with Apache POI api API.