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How To Create the Label.
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In this we cover way to create a Label and methods of Label class.

Label class is used to create a cell which contains text which may be created by user applications. 
Label is subclass of LabelRecord and Label implements WritableCell & LabelCell interfaces.
 Label class have following three constructor:-

1.Label(int column, int row, java.lang.String cont):
Create a cell with column and row which contents some text. 
Like :- 
Label label = new Label(1, 2, "Label 1"); 

2.Label(int column, int row, java.lang.String cont, CellFormat st):-
Create a cell with column and row which contents some text with cell format. 
Like :-
// Create a cell format for Arial 12 point font 
WritableFont font = new WritableFont(WritableFont.ARIAL, 12); 
WritableCellFormat format = new WritableCellFormat (font);
Label label = new Label(1, 2, " Label 1", format); 

3.Label(LabelCell lc):-
This is used when we make copy of a spreadsheet.

Methods Of Label class:-

setString(java.lang.String s):-
Label class has one method [ setString() ]which is used to set the string contents of the cell.


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