Java Collection Tutorials

Collections In Java

The class collection is consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return collections. It contains polymorphic algorithms that operate on collections, "wrappers" which return a new collection backed by a specified collection, and a few other odds and ends.

Types of Collection in Java

  1. Array - Most efficient way to hold references to objects.
  2. Iterators - Select each element in a collection as Iterator (i).
  3. Collections(also called containers) - collection is a group of data manipulate as a single object.
Collection (i)
Set (i)
      -- HashSet (c)
      -- TreeSet (c)
List (i)
      -- ArrayList (c) 
      -- LinkedList (c)
Map (i)
     -- HashMap (c)
     -- TreeMap (c)

Limitation of Collection

  1. Collection have following limititaions
  2. Collection object and variable can't check at the compile time.
  3. It is resizable, so utilize dynamically Allocated Memory.
  4. Command collection must be used for collect a data.
  5. Must cast to correct type( i.e. type casting).
  6. Major limitation of collection, It user use JVM 1.4.2 version, than this JVM software might be crash during data Collection.