Top 10 Reasons Behind the Rise of Aerospace Engineering Career

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Top 10 Reasons Behind the Rise of Aerospace Engineering Career


It is a recent buzzing trend that students are opting for more and more challenging career options to suit their qualities, expertise and interests. Aerospace engineering is one such choice. Almost 1 million students are hired across the globe every year from top aerospace-aeronautical engineering schools, under several designations and positions in the aerospace industry. The industry provides great perks, lucrative opportunities and career growth in terms of prospects. So if you are wondering the uniqueness of this career beat we have listed all the valid reasons behind this boom. Read on!


1. Broader scope for study

Aerospace engg. is a vast field which deals with the development and study of aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. Today, in India and many other countries it is considered as a developing sector. Due to budding talents, India has begun offering good scope in this engineering segment.


2. Remarkable Achievements

With regards to this engineering, it can be surely ascertained that India has a number of significant achievements under its belt. Right from developing heavy-weight rockets, helicopters and aircraft etc. Indian aerospace engineers have received a great exposure.


3. Aerospace - An Emerging Industry

Owing to its demand and great career prospects, most of the noted and recognized institutes have introduced aerospace engineering degrees. You can find some of the best aerospace engineering colleges in Nashik Maharashtra and other prime metro cities as well.


4. Rise in Indian Economic status

The economic policy of Indian government provides a lot of scope to aerospace engineering and caters to its advancement. The growing aerospace and civil aviation sectors are attracting world's leading companies like Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Boeing and others to India.


5. Growth of overall Aviation Market

One more factor that caused the rise of aerospace engineering in India is the improving commercial aviation market. This growth not only attracted new talent and fresh engineers but also elevated the demand for civil, defense and commercial aircraft.


6. Massive boost in FDI

During the year 2015, Govt of India elevated the (FDI) foreign direct investment by 60-70 percent which is why most of the international aircraft companies could set up their base in India, thus creating more career options for the aeronautical engineers


7. Growth of Indian Aerospace Agencies

The Indian aerospace research organizations and other international private companies are promising huge developments and a bright future of aerospace engineering. This reform is attracting more and more students to pursue aerospace engineering as a career.


8. Great opportunity for Joint Projects

Most of the colleges offering aerospace engineering courses have affiliated with international institutes for advanced learning options and global career prospects for the students. These joint projects within the institutes are proving beneficial to the aspiring engineers


9. Advanced Aerospace Products

Industries are working towards advancing the existing products and performing research and develop on new aerospace products by attracting world's leading companies in aerospace sectors.


10. Improved learning system

Most of the recognized institutes that have introduced aerospace engineering have come a far way in terms of faculty and study process. They are investing more in more in providing the best possible technological facilities to the students and groom them professionally in order to survive the most competitive field of aerospace engineering


Another most important factor leading to the rise of aerospace careers is the advancements in technologies; the industry is highly driven by the aero and techno masterminds. A lot of research goes into developing spacecrafts and aircraft, which is the most risking and tedious responsibility. The accuracy of the project needs to be maintained and achieved in order to avoid life threatening mishaps like a crash or engine fail. Aerospace engineers play a vital role here in ensuring that the product designed and developed by them is going to function to its best and that no loopholes can be found due to which the risking factors may arise.

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