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Logging Level
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It is the class of java.util.logging; package, which is used to extends to the Object class. The Java is provide the logging APIs like:

  1. Logger

  2. Level

  3. Handler etc.

For implementing to the logging properties in our java application. Logger is a part of J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition). When we are going to create java logging application then first of all we are need to a Logger object. This Logger object is used to contain log messages.

The Logger has one or more handler that performs log records. This logger object used for sending the logging messages to the individual system or an application component which is derived by getLogger methods. Java logging provides a way of containing multiple types of message like: info, warning, severe etc. for an application.

These containing information or messages can be used for many purposes but this message is specially used for debugging, troubleshooting and auditing.

There are the levels in descending order
  1. SEVERE(Greater level) : This level shows log a SEVERE message.

  2. WARNING: This level shows log a WARNING message.

  3. INFO: This level shows log a INFO message.

  4. CONFIG: This level shows log a CONFIG message.

  5. FINE: This level has log a FINE message.

  6. FINER: This level has log a FINER message.

  7. FINEST (Smallest level): This level has log a FINEST message.

Additional levels

  • OFF : This is a special type of level that assists to turn off logging.
  • ALL : This level illustrates all logging message
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