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XML Introduction
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The Extensible Markup Language is the set of rules which is provide the help in encoding the document text into machine understandable form. for performing this task the XML provide the self constructed tags is called custom tag. with help of this tag the coder encoding the document according our self. for more simplicity the xml provide the API. this application programming interface provide the interaction between two or more document and make easily conversion of documents. It is define in the XML 1.0 version Specification and this is produced by the W3C.

Advantage of the XML

  1. Readability : The XML is a plain text Document which is easily readable by human and understandable by the System. this is easily edited or view in any text editor simply.
  2. OS Independent : The XML document file do not depend upon the any operating system for the execution.
  3. Language Independent : The XML document is also language independent because suppose that we are generate a XML in java which can be parsed by a program written in C, C++ or Perl.
  4. Hierarchical : The XML document has a tree like structure which is to powerful for express the complex data and simple in understand data.

Use Of XML

  1. MetaContent :It is used to described the content of the document.
  2. Messaging : It is used Where applications or organizations exchanges data with each other.
  3. Database :The data extracted from the database can be preserved with original information and can be used more than one application in different ways. One application might just display the data and the other application might perform some complex calculation on this data.


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