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JDBC Basics
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The Java Database connectivity is an software abstraction, which provide the interfaces to your java application to different kind of database and consists set of java class, interface and exception. JDBC allows the coder to connect java application to the database.

It sit between your application and database which you want to access JDBC provides the set of API which is uniform across all database , windowing system , operating system and hardware environments.we are going to present some JDBC tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn how we are use JDBC in our java application. In this tutorial contain following-

Feature of JDBC

There are many feature of the java database connectivity, which are listed below.

Connection Pooling: JDBC allow to the java application to reuse database connection, which has been created already instead of creating a new connection every time.

Get a connection: The java application is connected to a database using DriverManager and DataSource object.

New data type support: JDBC allow to manipulate large object like as BLOB and CLOB without help of java programmer from the database server.

Batch Updating: This feature sends multiple updates to the database to be executed as batch not separately.

Savepoint: It contain a new method which is used to save a point, by this we can rollback the transaction to the desired point.

Rowsets: This object contains the tabular data and pass the possible row of the data to the network .this is widely used in distributed application.Rowsets also allow the use of scrolling when database does not support the scrollable resultset.

Updateable Result set: It allows the manipulation of data in a database using result set.

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