What is Tag Library? , How many Tag Library used into struts framework?
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Tag library is important function of JSP page, in which define Tag, its attribute, its body and its interpreted then collection of these tag is called Tag Libraries which can easily used in any number of JSP page/ files.

Struts Framework contain five important Tag Library:

Tag Library Description
Struts HTML Used to create Struts input forms, as well as other tags generally useful in the creation of HTML-based user interfaces and accessing beans and their properties
Struts Logic Useful in managing conditional generation of output text, looping over object collections for repetitive generation of output text, and application flow management.
Struts Beans Used to remainder of the page via scripting variables and page scope attributes.
Struts Nested The purpose of this tag library is to brings a nested context to the functionality of the Struts custom tag library
Struts Tiles Used to provides tiles( components) tags.
Struts Templates Mainly provide only three tags:
  • put - A put tag use to moves content into request scope.
  • get - A get tag use to retrieved the request scope into different JSP page.
  • insert - That JSP page is included with the insert tag.
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