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Lang package In Java

java.lang Projects

java.lang Project

java.lang Examples

java.lang Examples

Package java.lang

Package java.lang is most fundamental package provides classes that are fundamental to the design of the Java programming language. Package contain several classes

Most important classes
  • Object: An object is an instance of a class exhibits two characteristics such as state and behavior. object is the root of the class hierarchy.
  • Class: Class is the prototype/ blueprint from which object is create. Class is used to declare fields, constructors , and methods.
Lang Tutorials and Interview Questions
Primitive data type and Wrapper classes

The primitive wrapper classes and their corresponding primitive types are

Primitive data type Primitive Wrapper class
boolean Boolean


The class Math provides commonly used mathematical functions such as sine, cosine, and square root.

The classes String and StringBuffer similarly provide commonly used operations on character strings.

Class Throwable encompasses objects that may be thrown the exception by the throw statement . Subclasses of Throwable represent errors and exceptions.