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Package java.lang.reflect

This package provides Java API (classes and Interface) for examine Java Code and obtaining reflective information about Java Component ( classes and objects) at runtime and to use the reflected members. Classes form this package is used for debuggers, interpreters, object inspectors, class browsers, and services such as object serialization and JavaBeans into the Java applications.

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Java.lang.reflect Package

AnnotatedElementRepresents an annotated element of the program currently running in this VM. This interface allows annotations to be read reflectively. All annotations returned by methods in this interface are immutable and serializable.
GenericArrayTypeGenericArrayType represents an array type whose component type is either a parameterized type or a type variable. GenericDeclaration A common interface for all entities that declare type variables.
InvocationHandlerInvocationHandler is the interface implemented by the invocation handler of a proxy instance.
MemberMember is an interface that reflects identifying information about a single member (a field or a method) or a constructor.
ParameterizedType A parameterized type is created the first time it is needed by a reflective method, as specified in this package.
TypeType is the common superinterface for all types in the Java programming language. These include raw types, parameterized types, array types, type variables and primitive types.
TypeVariable<D extends GenericDeclaration>TypeVariable is the common superinterface for type variables of kinds. A type variable is created the first time it is needed by a reflective method, as specified in this package.
WildcardTypeWildcardType represents a wildcard type expression, such as ?, ? extends Number, or ? super Integer.
AccessibleObjectThe AccessibleObject class is the base class for Field, Method and Constructor objects. It provides the ability to flag a reflected object as suppressing default Java language access control checks when it is used.
ArrayThe Array class provides static methods to dynamically create and access Java arrays.
Constructor<T>Constructor provides information about, and access to, a single constructor for a class.
FieldA Field provides information about, and dynamic access to, a single field of a class or an interface. The reflected field may be a class (static) field or an instance field.
MethodA Method provides information about, and access to, a single method on a class or interface. The reflected method may be a class method or an instance method (including an abstract method).
ModifierThe Modifier class provides static methods and constants to decode class and member access modifiers. The sets of modifiers are represented as integers with distinct bit positions representing different modifiers.
ProxyProxy provides static methods for creating dynamic proxy classes and instances, and it is also the superclass of all dynamic proxy classes.
ReflectPermissionThe Permission class for reflective operations. A ReflectPermission is a named permission and has no actions.
Exception Description
InvocationTargetExceptionInvocationTargetException is a checked exception that wraps an exception thrown by an invoked method or constructor.
MalformedParameterizedTypeExceptionThrown when a semantically malformed parameterized type is encountered by a reflective method that needs to instantiate it.
UndeclaredThrowableExceptionThrown by a method invocation on a proxy instance if its invocation handler's invoke method throws a checked exception (a Throwable that is not assignable to RuntimeException or Error) that is not assignable to any of the exception types declared in the throws clause of the method that was invoked on the proxy instance and dispatched to the invocation handler.
Error Description
GenericSignatureFormatErrorThrown when a syntactically malformed signature attribute is encountered by a reflective method that needs to interpret the generic signature information for a type, method or constructor.
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