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Java Servlet :Difference between Attributes and Parameters
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  1. Parameter represents data received as part of request whereas attributes represent data stored by servlet for another servlet involved in processing the same request.
  2. Parameters represent string data whereas attributes can be any type of objects.
  3. Parameters can only be used by the servlet whereas attributes are stored,removed,replaced and read by the servlets.
  4. Attributes are used by the servlets to share information with other servlets,participating in processing the same request.

Commonly used methods of ServletResponse interface

  • setContentType():is used to specify content type of the response.
    public void setContentType(String MIMEtype);
  • MIME type represents format of contents provided to browser by a server.A MIME type is represented by string having following:

    format : major part/minor part

    Eg : text/plain,text/html,image/jpg etc.

  • getWriter():Returns the reference of Printwriter object to write data to the response.
    		public PrintWriter getWriter();
  • getOutputStream(): Returns an output stream object to write data to the response.
    	public OutputStream getOutputStream();
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