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Spring Framework

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Spring Project 1

Architecture of Spring MVC
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Spring MVC provide the Model View Controller architecture pattern. the Model View Controller architecture pattern provide the facility to develope web application in the Spring Framework. The spring MVC provide two type of Architecture to develope web application in the Spring Framework

Model-1 Architecture

In this architecture client directly access the pages in the web container. And Application developer implement the presentation logic code and workflow code in the single page (JSP page) and data and business logic are in other. Model-1 Architecture workflow are as following:


Model-2 Architecture

In this architecture client not directly access the web container. Client send the request then Controller process this request generally this component implement in Servlet and the controller component uses the model(generally implement in javaBean) process the request and display (generaiil use JSP page) in the client browser. This flow show in following diagram:

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