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Spring Projects

Spring Project 1

Spring Objective Questions And Answers

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Spring Interview Questions And Answers

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Choose correct option:
1.The Spring Framework is an open source application.
2.The Spring is in the Java platform.
3.The Spring is in for .NET Framework.

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Choose correct option:
1.The first version was written by Rod Johnson who released in October 2002.
2.The framework was first released under the Apache 2.0 license in June 2003.
3.The Spring 1.2.6 framework won a Jolt productivity award and a JAX Innovation Award in 2006.

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Rajesh Kumar
Spring provides features:

    1 .Resource management 
    2 .Exception handling 
    3 .Transaction participation 
    4 .Resource unwrapping 
    5. Abstraction for BLOB and CLOB handling

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nasir khan
Spring MVC is a request-based framework.

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Rajesh Kumar
Choose which is not true:
1.Central to the Spring Framework is its IOC container
2.IOC provides a consistent means of configuring and managing Java objects using call-backs.
3.IOC container is responsible for managing object lifecycles
4.The object life cycle used for creates objects, call initialization methods, and configure objects by wiring them together.
5.All of above

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Spring Interview Questions And Answers

Spring Interview Questions And Answers

Spring Interview Questions And Answers

Spring Subjective Questions And Answers

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