C++ language

Introduction Of C++
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C++ is based on the C language and it was developed in early 1980's by Bjarne Stroustrup at AT&T Bell Laboratories , Here "++" use for the extension because "++" is a syntactic construct used in C to increment a variable. Most of C++ content is the superset of "C" ,Due to this extension most C programs can be compiled using a C++ compiler.

A C++ program is a collection of commands, which tell the computer to do "something". This collection of commands is usually called C++ source code

C++ is the Mid-Level programming language because it acquire the feature of Low level as well as high level programming language.

Using C++ Programming Language we can create diffrent kind of Software , These are:

  • System software
  • application software
  • device drivers
  • embedded software
  • high-performance server and client applications and
  • entertainment software such as video games
History of C++

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983 at AT&T Bell lab. Bjarne Stroustrup began work on "C with Classes" in 1979.Beginning of 1981 initial version of c++ ware made internally in AT&T lab. In c++ ,"++" is the increment operator of c which means its an extension of C Language. C++ is a superset of C, so that most C programs can be compiled using a C++ compiler ,

C language have series of low-level instructions that converted into C++ the computer can execute directly. But C not support C++. In C++, include OOP (Object Oriented Programming) features when the significance of C is same in C++. In OOP, the programmer defined not only the data type of Data Structure (DS) but also the operations that is applied on DS . The DS known as object have both data type and operation.

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