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Installation Process for JUnit
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Junit installation process we declare that , if you want to use Junit framework than hw to setup environment variables install software on your operating system.

A comprehensive guide to doing so for Windows and see comprehensive guide to doing so for Windows then Configure A Windows Working Environment and if you using Unix then Configure A Unix working Environment then Follow the instructions.

  1. Firstly Download the latest version of JUnit from
  2. Download Junit Projects
  3. Then Uncompress the zip to the directory of your choice.
  4. Add /path/to/whereyouextractedjunit/junit/junit.jar to your Java CLASSPATH environment variable.
    1. If you using the Eclipse then Installation process is:

step 1: Open MyEclipse and create new project and type "de.vogella.junit.first". after that you want to create the unit test in the separate folder. create a new source folder test again select the properties and choose "Java build path". Select the tab source code.

step 2: select the tab source code and choose the java build path. and after that click the add folder and create a new folder.

step 3: when create a new folder then type the name of new folder is "de.vogella.junit.first". and the create a separate folder of test to testing the unit testing.

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