Define the Struts2 Features
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Feature of Struts 2 are:-

  • Action based framework
  • Annotation based configuration to reduced or eliminate XML configuration.
  • support Model 2 architected.
  • Simplified testability.
  • Thread Safe
  • Simple POJO based Actions
  • Multiple view options( JSP, Freemarker, Velocity and XSTL)
  • Template Support
  • Support for different result types
  • Easy to extend with Plugging
  • REST Plugin (REST based Actions, Extension-less URLs)
  • Convention Plugin (Action Configuration via Conventions and Annotations)
  • Spring Plugin (Dependency Injection)
  • Hibernate Plugin
  • JFreechart Plugin (Charts)
  • jQuery Plugin (AJAX Support, UI Widgets, Dynamic Table, Charts)
  • Rome Plugin (RSS Feeds)

Why used Struts framework

Struts framework provides significant advantages to the developer are:-

  • Struts simplifies used to development of the actual JSP file content by limiting it to user interface generation only. Java that would otherwise appear inside the JSP files appears in separate servlet action classes that the JSP page invokes at runtime.
  • Struts makes it possible for JSP pages to externalize flow control. Rather than specify physical links to various JSP pages within the JSP file, the JSP file contains a Struts-defined logical URI. The Struts URI defines a logical page request mapped to actions that may return different physical JSP pages depending on the context of the HTTP request.
  • Struts helps to separate the development roles into user interface designer (HTML or tag library user) and JSP action-handler developer. For example, one person can write JSP page using only HTML or suitable tag libraries, while another person works independently to create the page action handling classes in Java.
  • Struts externalizes JSP actions that would otherwise appear inside all the JSP pages of your project into a single configuration file. This greatly simplifies debugging and promotes reuse.
  • Struts consolidates String resources that would otherwise appear inside all the JSP pages of your project (for example, form labels) into a single file. This greatly simplifies the task of localizing JSP applications.
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