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C - Queue in Data Structure
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A Queue is a non-primitive data structure. It is an homogeneous collection of elements in which new elements are added at one end called the Rear end, and the existing elements are can be deleted from other end called the Front end of the queue. Basically, a queue is a 'First In First Out' type of list data structure. Literally queue means a line, we came across a queue in our daily life like for reservation, we have to stand in a reservation queue.

Application of Queues
  1. Round Robin technique for processor scheduling is implemented using Queues.
  2. All types of customer services like (reservation system) software are designed using queues to store customers information.
  3. Printer server routines are implemented by using the queue data structure.
Implementation of Queues

The queue can be implemented in the following two ways :

  1. Static Implementation
  2. Dynamic Implementation
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