CSS Interview Questions And Answers

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CSS stands for? a. Central Style Sheets b. Common Style Sheets c. Cascading Style Sheets d. Control Style Sheets

What CSS define in HTML?a. How to save HTML elementsb. How to send HTML elementsc. How to made HTML elementsd. How to display HTML elements

Which command we use to set an image on background? a. image-background:url('R4R_Logo.jpg') b. background-image:url('R4R_Logo.jpg')

Using CSS how to align our text in HTML?a.

Write here header


Write here header


Write here header


Write here header

Which one type we can use to insert the CSS in HTML? 1. External Style Sheet 2. Intrenal Style Sheet 3. Multiple Style Sheet 4. All

Why we use the External style sheet? 1. For apply on multiple pages 2. For Single pages 3. For Single paragraph 4. none

Which one is used for single document Style? 1. External Style Sheet 2. Intrenal Style Sheet 3. Multiple Style Sheet 4. All

How many types of CSS? 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. None

How can i define First-line pseudo-element in CSS?1. selector:pseudo-element {property: value}2. selector:pseudo-elements {property: values}3. select:pseudo-element {property: value}4. None

How can we are define at-rule in CSS? 1. 'import','@page'. 2. '@import','page'. 3. '@import','@page'. 4. None

How ca you define CSS padding? 1. td.test1 {padding: 2.0cm} 2. td.test1 {pad: 2.0cm} 3. td.test1 {pad. 2.0cm} 4. None

How to set background with CSS? 1. True 2. False

Which one is true statement? 1.Using them we can increase the downloading speed of web page. 2.Using CSS we can represent the content different from styles. 3.Both 4.None

Is CSS is case sensitive or not? 1. Yes 2. No

CSS Interview Questions And Answers