RSS to Create Content

RSS Examples

RSS Examples

RSS to Create Content
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You can put content on your website or blog useing RSS .which means you can put headlines or a short information on your website or blog with a link back to the original post or article.

The RSS information is placed into a single file on a website in a manner similar to normal web pages. However, the information is coded in the XML by a program .

Use Of RSS to to create Content for your website
  • Notification of the arrival of new products in a store
  • Listing and notifying you of newsletter issues, including email newsletters including copyright, SEO, and technical issues.
  • Weather and other alerts of changing conditions
  • Notification of additions of new items to a database, or new members to a group
Reasons to use RSS to create content.
  • Generate a quick webpage
  • Provide a sidebar of news.
  • Automatically update RSS feed information
  • Provide links to your blog posts from your website.
  • Add value to your webpages using the the wealth of RSS feeds

Note: If you want to put content on your website or blog using RSS - than scripting is required .

There are various ways to get a script. These are

  • Write your own script using JavaScript, PHP, ASP or another scripting language.
  • Download a general purpose script, customize it, and install it.
  • Use a service that creates customized scripts.
  • Use a script for a Gadget or Widget .
  • Get a script from a feed publisher who provides a script for their RSS feed

diagram to show- how the websites, the RSS feed XML files, and your personal computer are connected:

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