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How to install Ant Technology

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  1. You must have JDK installed in your system.
  2. You get the Ant for download.
  3. The Ant Download mainly 3 different compression format:
    • .zip - Recommended compression format for Windows, can also be used on other platforms. Supported by many programs and some operating systems natively.
      .tar.gz - Uses the tar program to gather files together, and gzip to compress and uncompress.
      .tar.bz2 - Uses the tar program to gather files together, and bzip2 to compress and uncompress.. Choose the format that is best supported for your platform.
  4. After you choose the latest version for zip package.
  5. When you totally download Ant file then Unzipped or extract your zip package.
  6. After All to set the ANT_HOME.
    • Right click to My Computer icon
      Choose Properties
      Choose Advanced Tab
      Choose Environment Variable Button
      In the System Variables, click New Button
      Give the Variable Name: ANT_HOME
      Give the Value :C:\Ant
      Click OK
      Then,add new ANT_HOME path.
      When your total work is over then find the Path in the Variable Column in System variables frame
  7. Then if you are find the Path in System variable frame after that click Edit Button
  8. Then add the following text in the bottom of Variable value: %ANT_HOME%\bin;
  9. Click OK to finish.

Finish Apache Ant Installation

  1. If you check the Ant works correctly or not.
  2. In the command prompt, type:
    • ant-version
      then click enter
  3. After that the result is something like as:
  4. Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on and show the current date.
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