C++ language

Advantage and Disadvantage of C++ and Scope
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Advantage of C++ are:

  • C++ use multi-paradigm programming. Paradigm means style of programming .paradigm concerned about logics , structure and procedure of program. C++ is multi-paradigm means it follow three paradigm Generic, Imperative, Object Oriented.
  • It is useful for low level programming language and very efficient for general purpose.
  • C++ provide performance and memory efficiently.
  • It provide high level abstraction.
  • in the language of the problem domain.
  • C++ is compatible with C.
  • C++ used reusability of code.
  • C++ used inheritance, polymorphism.

Disadvantage of C++ are:

  • Complex in very large high level program.
  • Used for platform specific application commonly.
  • For a particular operating system or platform the library set is usually chosen that locks.
  • when C++ used for web applications complex and difficult to debug.
  • C++ can't support garbage collection.
  • C++ not support Dynamic Memory Allocation.
  • C++ is not secure because it have pointer, friend function and global variable.
  • No support for threads built in.

Scope of the C++ are:

  • C++ use with object oriented programming.
  • C++ used object where object are real time entities.
  • C++ used class ,is a container of objects.
  • C++ provide reusability of codes.
  • In C++ , functions and variable can acquire the feature  of its parents.
  • In C++, function can be overloaded and override.
  • C++ can use encapsulation. 
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