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A Simple Hello Program In c++
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A Simple Hello Program In C++

using namespace first;
int main()
cout << "This Is Priya's First Program" ;
return 0;

Output :

This Is Priya's First Program
Description Of the above program

#include <iostream>: Hash sign are directives for the preprocessor. Directive #include <iostream> tells the preprocessor to include the iostream standard file.

using namespace first: All the elements of C++ library are present within a namespace that we have to use in our program.

int main () From the main() the program starts its execution. main() is followed by parenthesis because main() is used as a function.

{ } (open and close curly braces): Opening braces are used to start execution of  block of code written in it and closing braces are used to end execution of block of code.

cout : cout is the output function in C++. It displays output on the screen.

 ; (semicolon) : This is used for to mark the end of the statement.

return 0 : It tells that main function has finished.

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