C++ language

The Parts of a C++ Program
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C++ program have variable ,function ,objects, other component. These are the C++ program parts:

Hello Program in C++

 #include <iostream>  //include header file
  using namespace Beg;

  int main()                       
    cout << "Hello world.\n";//C++ statement
	return 0;

Hello world

Header File:This function is include the header files. Header files have predefined functions and variables or resources that are to be shared between parts of different program.

Comment: comment is used for documentation and start with

// symbol.
C++ have two type of comments -Single line comment start with
// and end when line is end.

Multiple line comments start with

/* and end with */.

In namespace a block of code written here .and also through namespace reduce the collision.

main is a function. Execution begins with the main(). This tells that which type of variable return .

count is a predefined object that represent the standard output Stream. return is the function . It return a variable or value when call this function.

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