C++ language

Difference Between C and C++
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C C++
C is not an object oriented language (C is a procedural programming language), C++ is an object oriented language.
In C we use scanf () as standard input function for output in c we use printf() while in c++ we use cin>> for input,like in c++ we use cout <<as a output function.
C does not have the concept of classes and object.C does not have namespaces while C++ have namespace
Function overloading is not supported by C. C++ also supports function overloading.
C does not have reference variables while C++ uses reference variables.
C does not support operators overloading. C++ supports operators overloading,
C have top down approach while in C++ have bottom up approach.
Data is not structured in C, while data is structured in C++.
In C #include <stdio.h>is used as header file,, in C++ #include<iostream.h> is used as header file.
C does not support C++ programs but C++ support the C program.
C is low level language while C++ is high level language.
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