Permission in Android
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Android provides many types of permission. Linux isolates applications from each other and from the system. Android gives each package a distinct Linux user ID. The identity remains constant for the duration of the package's life on that device. Each application runs with a distinct system identity.There are many permissions which are provided by Linux This includes reading or writing the user's private data , reading or writing another application's files, performing network access, keeping the device awake, etc.

Services Permission: Services includes calling and texting types permission. It could cost you money by using minutes or sending text messages at your going rate. This would mostly be used by a messaging or social media widget that communicates on your behalf, like dialing back to someone who just sent you a text. The widget could send a text message to a number that would bill you for a text, or subscribe you to some “service” with a continuing monthly fee that is automatically billed to your credit card. The kernel is solely responsible for sandboxing applications from each other.

Phone Call Permission : Phone Call permission provides piracy controls and authentication to a specific device. Phone call permission includes the ability of the widget to read phone state and identity. The widget can detect when you are on the phone, turn on a voice recorder, record your conversation, and send the recorded data to someone else.

Network and internet Permission : This Network Permission create or change either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network connection. Full internet access will be necessary for any widget that needs to transfer data onto or off the device, like file synch and backup widgets. A video application might connect to Bluetooth headphones. An audible text message app might auto-connect to a Bluetooth headset.

Hardware Permission: Hardware permission provides any types of hardware permission like as camera, take pictures etc. A game or other widget can use phone vibration as feedback. An email or text message widget can use the vibration for notification. The risk is really limited.

System Tools Permission : This includes a series of more refined permissions that control some aspect of your phone’s basic settings. The risk is that an approved widget could change these settings without your interaction, and potentially prevent you from observing a notification.

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