Android Subjective Questions And Answers
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What is Android?

What is an Activity?

What is an Intent?

What is a Sticky Intent?

How the nine-patch Image different from a regular bitmap? Alternatively, what is the difference between nine-patch Image vs regular Bitmap Image?

What is a resource?

How will you record a phone call in Android? or How to handle an Audio Stream for a call in Android?

Does Android support the Bluetooth serial port profile?

Can an application be started on powerup?

What is the APK format?

How to Translate in Android?

Describe Briefly the Android Application Architecture

What dialog boxes are supported in android?Android supports 4 dialog boxes:

What are the features of Android?

What is the TTL (Time to Live)? Why is it required?

How is nine-patch image different from a regular bitmap?

Explain about the exceptions of Android?

Explain IP datagram, Fragmentation and MTU ?

what is sticky intent?

What is an adb ?

How is nine-patch image different from a regular bitmap?

Describe a real time scenario where android can be used?

Are the Android releases available in a ROM?

What is the future scope of Mobile Application developers?

How do I create a new homescreen?

What features are in a release?

Describe Android Application Architecture?

What is a Dalvik ?

Is GSensor working?

What innovations the OHA members strive to achieve?

What is .apk extension?