Following are the advantages of Android
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  1. Android can Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time.
  2. Android keeps information visible on your home screen.Android has is a customizable home screen which keeps active widgets right at your fingertips, always accessible and always visible – without having to launch an application first.
  3. Android has a better application market compare to Apple’s App because Apple’s App store has over 180,000 applications, while the Android Marketplace has only just broken the 50,000 mark
  4. Android gives you better notifications comparee to iPhone beacuse iPhone has some trouble with notifications. Because it’s restricted to pop-up notifications, it can only handle one at a time
  5. Android is Hardware independent.
  6. Android lets you install custom ROMs.
  7. You can change your settings faster in Android. iPhone users are stuck digging around in the system settings every time they want to use the internet or a Bluetooth device. Android lets you use widgets to manage your settings directly from your home screen.
  8. Android does Google and Social Integration but The iPhone can do this only through use of third party apps, and is nowhere near as seamless to use as the Android alternative.
  9. Android gives you more options to fit your budget. Of course these are lower end Android devices, but they are still comparable in performance to the iPhone 3GS.
  10. Innovative products like the location-aware services, location of a nearby convenience store etc., are some of the additive facilities in Android.
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