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J2ME Interview Questions And Answers
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What is J2ME?

Why we use J2ME?

What is advantage of J2ME?

What is disadvantage of J2ME?

What is Generic\" J2ME architecture?

Define MID Profile Layer.

Will J2SE applications run on J2ME?If Not Why?

Will J2ME applications run on J2SE?

What is minimum hardware and Software requirements for J2ME?

Explain Virtual Machine for J2ME?

What is difference between J2ME and J2SE?

What is Class File Verification?

Give me name of 10 classes of J2SE which are not used in J2ME.

List some Property Supported by J2ME?

Explain K Virtual Machine and its architecture?

What is profile and configurations?

What hardware and software requirements of a device that intends to implement the MIDP.

What is MID Profile Architecture?

What is MIDlet ?

Explain MIDlet Life cycle?

What is MIDlet Suite?

Explain working MIDlet when application manager started.

Explain configuration and Profiles.

What are basics Software\'s for J2ME applications.

What is MIDP and cldc.MIDP

What is difference between J2SE,J2EE and J2ME?

What is preverifier?