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J2ME Objective Questions And Answers
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What is full form of J2ME? 1.Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) 2.Java Jar Mini Edition 3.Java 2 Mobile Edition 4.None

What is Full Form For MIDP? 1. Mobile Information Device Emulators 2. Micro Information Device Emulators 3. Mini Information Device Emulators 4. None

J2ME Wireless Toolkit is minimal development environment for applications of J2ME are compiled and run within it. 1. True 2.False

J2ME Wireless Toolkit is minimal development environment for applications of Choose true only 1.Standard Edition (J2SE) is used to run on desktop and workstations computers. 2.Enterprise Edition J2EE provides built-in support for Servlets, JSP, and XML, 3.J2EE used to provide support for at server-based applications. 4.Micro Edition (J2ME) used where devices with limited memory, display and processing 5 All above 6.None

Choose true for CDC 1.It refers as Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 2.Minimum memories for run Java it required 512 KB and 256 KB for runtime memory allocation. 3.It is used in Network connectivity, possibly persistent and high bandwidth. 4.All of the above. 5.None

Choose true for 1. It refers as Connected, Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) 2. 128 kb memory for running Java, 32 kb memory for runtime memory allocation 3. It is used in Network connectivity, typically wireless, with low bandwidth and intermittent access 4. Used where we needed restricted user interface, Low power, typically battery powered 5. All Of Above 6. None

KVM is 1.Refers as K Virtual Machine is used with J2ME applications 2.It is used in Java application at place of JVM 3.Both 4.None

Choose correct order for "Generic" J2ME architecture 1. Profile -> Configuration-> JVM ->OS 2. Profile -> Configuration-> JVM ->OS 3. Configuration -> Profile -> JVM ->OS 5. Profile -> JVM -> Configuration ->OS 6. None

Choose correct order for” MID Profile architecture” 1.MID Profile->CLDC Code Libraries ->KVM-> OS 2.MID Profile->CLDC Code Libraries ->JVM-> OS 3.MID Profile->CDC Code Libraries ->KVM-> OS 4.All Of above 5. None

In MIDP Architecture virtual machine will be 1.JVM 2.KVM 3.CRL 4.CLDC 5.None

J2SE applications run on J2ME? 1.Yes 2.No

Many components of J2SE have been removed to keep J2ME platform small and efficient. 1 True 2 false

Will J2ME applications run on J2SE? 1.Yes 2.No

Choose correct states phases MIDlet Lifecycle 1.Active:Paused:Destroyed 2.Paused:Active:Destroyed 3.Paused:Destroyed:Active 4.None

Which exception will thrown by destroyApp() and startApp() 1.MIDletStateChangeException 2.MIDletDisplayException 3.MIDLetNotCreatedException 4.None