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Handler Adapters in Spring MVC
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The spring MVC provide the facility to Handler Adapters concept, this concept provide the facility to forwarded the request to the Controller object which are configure in the spring configuration file.

Type of Handler Adapter in Spring

Spring MVC provide the following type of Handler Adapters:

  1. SimpleControllerHandlerAdapter
  2. ThrowawayControllerHandlerAdapter
  3. SimpleServletHandlerAdapter

SimpleControllerHandlerAdapter: This Handler Adapters is the default forwarding the request to the controller object.

<bean id="simpleHandler"
class = "org.springframework.web.servlet.

ThrowawayControllerHandlerAdapter: This Handler Adapters provide the facility to carries the Request from the DispatcherServlet to the Throwaway Controller.

<bean id="throwawayHandler"
class = "org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.throwaway.

SimpleServletHandlerAdapter: This Handler Adapters provide the facility to forward the Request from the Dispatcher Servlet to a Servlet then invoke the Servlet.service() method.

<bean id="simpleServletHandler" 
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