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It allows us to create new classes ,add,delete, and edit the message handlers in our application classes .It wtites prototupes,the function bodies and the code to link the windows messgae to the function .The accelerator key combination for classwizaed is ctrl+w.the ClassWizard to help in organizing your classes and integrating your classes with Windows. ClassWizard may be started from the View menu. The Class Wizard dialog box is made up of several different tabs, or pages, each of which allows you to work with different aspects of your classes.

Following Section are including in Class Wizard:

Message Maps: The Message Maps page allows you to work with assigning message handlers to Win dows messages that your application will receive. This is really the heart of programming in the Windows event-driven programming model. the specifics of using Class Wizard to work with message maps.

Members variables: The Member Variables page, is used to create member variables of your class that will be used to work with controls in dialog boxes. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to work with more general sorts of member variables.

Adding a Class: The Add Class button provides a quick and easy way to create a new class in your project. The New Class dialog box, which is presented when you choose New, allows you to choose the name for your new class and the base class that it derives from. You may select the file to create the class in and specify a particular resource that should be associated with the class. If the base class you choose can support Automation, you may specify options. The new class can also be automatically added to the Component Gallery.

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