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ADO stands for ActiveX  Data Object .ADO.NET is an object-oriented set of libraries that allows  to interact with data sources.  The data source is a database, but it could also be a text file, an Excel spreadsheet, or an XML file.ADO .NET consists of classes that allow a .NET application to connect to the data source, executes commands and manage disconnected data. One of the key Differences between ADO.NET and other database technologies is how it deals with Challenge with different data sources, that means, the code you use to connect to an SQL Database will not differ that much to the one connecting to an Oracle Database.

1.ReadXML: Readís a XML document in to Dataset.
2.GetXML: This is a function, which returns the string containing XML document.
3.Writexml: This writes a XML data to disk.

Connection Pooling make a single connection instance, which allows that instance to connect to all the databases. It does not open and close the connection object multiple times.

1.We have recordset in ADO and in ADO.NET we have dataset.
2.In recordset we can only have one table. If we want to accommodate more than one table we need to do inner join and fill the recordset. Dataset can have multiple tables.
3.All data persist in XML as compared to classic ADO where data persisted in Binary format also. 

1.Using dataset retrieve data from two databases like Oracle and SQL server and merge them in one dataset, with recordset this is not possible.
2.Recordset uses COM. But all representation of Dataset is using XML.
3.Dataset can be transmitted on HTTP while Recordset cannot be transmitted.

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