C Programming language

Operations in Data structure using C
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What are the various operations that are performed on the data structures ?

The following the main operations that can be performed on the data structures :

  1. Traversing : It means reading and processing the each and every element of a data structure at least once.
  2. Inserting : It means inserting a value at a specified position in a data structure, this is also know as insertion.
  3. Deletion : It means deleting a particular value from a specified position in a data structure.
  4. Searching : It means searching a particular data in created data structure.
  5. Sorting : It means arranging the elements of a data structure in a sequential manner i.e. either in ascending order or in descending order.

What are the most popular know data structures used in developing a software system ?

The following are the most popularly know data structures that are used in developing software systems :

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