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Photoshop Projects


Digital Meter
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This is a graphic tutorial, I am going to draw and teach you to this technique as in this example, you will surely draw a digital  meter by following all the step of the tutorial.

Step 1: Take a Pen tool ( P key) and draw shape like this with any color.

Step 2: Give gradient effect, go to  layer menu > layer style > gradient overlay and make settings of the color and angle.

The shape should be like this.

Step 3: Make duplicate layer and decrease size set middle of the shape, give bevel and emboss effect, go to layer menu -> layer style -> bevel and emboss and make settings.

Step 4: Take a Rectangle tool (U key) and draw a rectangle shape in the middle of the shape then give gradient overlay effect go to layer menu -> layer style -> gradient overlay and make color settings as given here.

Step 5: Take Polygonal lasso tool to make selection the take a new layer and fill black color, make duplicate layer and set another side of the rectangle shape as give here.

Step 6: Use same step gradient and emboss effect as done up to make buttons on the digital meter


Step 7: Now draw a circle shape by the ellipse tool left top of the meter and give gradient effect then same bevel and emboss effect as done up.

Step 8: Draw screen of the meter, draw rectangle shape with same blue gradient as done up.

Step 9: Now give bevel and emboss effect, go to layer menu -> layer style -> Bevel and emboss and make settings.

Final Picture

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