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PHP Programing language

PHP Syntax
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Syntax in PHP

PHP's syntax and semantics are similar to most other programming languages (C, Java, Perl) with the addition that all PHP code is contained with a tag, of sorts.

A PHP script can be placed anywhere in the document. A PHP script starts with <?php and ends with ?>

Types of Php Syntax:

There are four different types of syntax or opening/closing tags used in php:
  1. Default Syntax
  2. Short Open Tags
  3. HTML Script Tags
  4. ASP Style Tags

Default Syntax: The default syntax starts with "<? php" and ends with "?>".


echo "Default Syntax";  


Short Open Tags: The short tags starts with "<?" and ends with "?>". These tags are only used when they are enabled in php.ini configuration file on servers.


echo "short tags";

HTML Script Tags: Script is effective to solve escape situation which comes in some editors like Front Page editor


<script language="php">  
echo "HTML Script Tag.";  

ASP Style Tags: The ASP style tags starts with "<%" and ends with "%>". It mimic the tags used by Active Server Pages to delineate code blocks. ASP style tags are only available when they are enabled via the asp_tags php.ini configuration file directive.


echo 'This is ASP like style';
Combination of PHP and HTML

PHP syntax is only used within PHP tags. It is also embedded in HTML and it can be used anywhere in the document.


<title> PHP Page</title>
echo "This is php page...";


This is php page...
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