8 Web Designs Techniques That Are Relevant For Increasing Conversions

8 Web Designs Techniques That Are Relevant For Increasing Conversions

Who doesn't enjoy a little more attention towards their website! But is that enough to help your online business grow? Structured conversion optimization is probably what your website needs to convert your visitors into buyers.


So you have got all the best SEO keywords, powerful meta, organic traffic, eye-catching images, and relevant content to boost your website rating. Yet, you do not find a significant change in your sales.


Unfortunately, increased traffic does not necessarily contribute to an increase in sales. Rather than embedding your website with fancy visuals, it would help to focus on adopting the following eight web design techniques relevant for increasing conversions. 

Make The First 15-seconds Count.

Everyone is crying out loud owing to the scarcity of time. Though 15-seconds may seem like a blink of an eye, on average, the dwell time of visitors is not more than that. Within this time frame, visitors can navigate through your website and create an impression instantly. 

It would be a good idea if you could stress web design techniques that do not have a high bounce rate. Fifteen seconds are sufficient to convert your visitors into buyers. Poorly constructed sites will fail to understand your buyers' persona.

 Thus, developing a website with a specific persona about your identified customer can improve your business status. 

Landing Page

Customers have several options. Remember, if you want to thrive in the competitive market, your website should have something more to offer than your counterparts. 

Since the visitors have limited time, try to highlight your specialty clearly on the landing page or the homepage. Your landing page should have attractive offers, explained in easy, comprehensible language, and other attractive perks that can give you an edge to retain customers. 


Once you successfully retain your customers for more than 15-seconds on your website, your next step is to adopt a web design technique that entices customers to take the initiative.

 An effective marketing tool, call-to-action or CTA, helps in capturing sales. CTA is a prominent and persuasive sales funnel on the landing page. For instance, 'Add to Cart' on an online shopping website is placed prominently on the landing page.

 Your CTA should adopt a zero-pressure approach, so your customers can dig deeper into your website without binding them to anything. Realistic review videos, customer testimonials, value proposition, and customer satisfaction rates are effective tools to navigate the visitors to click the button. 

Headlines with Rationale

If you want to build a long-term relationship with your audience, go for a catchy headline informing the customers what they can expect from your company. Your impactful and rational headline is more clickable and appealing than bland ones. 

A few examples of compelling rationales in action, such as tips, tricks, facts, strategies, secrets, etc., do wonders to your headlines. Headlines consist of keywords but avoid words that may lead to spam folders.


Prioritize Visual Effectiveness

Web design should sieve through the psychological aspect through the visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy should follow the given pattern- 

Paradox Of Choice

Though most people in business do not realize that giving ample choices can confuse the visitors, your poorly designed website may not be successful in customer conversion despite spending sufficient time on the website. 

Thus, in the era of time constraints, your business could benefit if better filters are available to ease the decision-making process.


Visual Communication

Your visual layout communicates more efficiently than a thousand words. Motion pictures hold the viewer for a longer time as it exploits their curiosity. A crisp and clear statement underneath the picture interacts with the visitors and gets the idea across. 

However, web designers should refrain from using too many images to distract the visitor from converting. 

Avoid Lengthy Forms

Respecting your viewers' confidentiality helps in building a long-term relationship. A sign-up form with 25+ fields may irritate the visitor. Thus, it would be a good idea to ask only essential questions to complete the transaction. 


 Web designers who are well-versed with conversion techniques can help in building your brand and improving conversion rates.