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Receiving input in C
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Receiving input

To make the program general the program itself should ask the user to supply the values through the keyboard during execution. This can be achieved using a function called scanf( ). This function is a counter-part of the printf( ) function. printf( ) outputs the values to the screen whereas scanf( ) receives them from the keyboard. This is illustrated in the program shown below:

/* Calculation of simple interest */
/* Author gekay Date 25/05/2004 */
main( )
int p, n ;
float r, si ;
printf ( "Enter values of p, n, r" ) ;
scanf ( "%d %d %f", &p, &n, &r ) ;
si = p * n * r / 100 ;
printf ( "%f" , si ) ;

In the above program the first printf( ) outputs the message 'Enter values of p, n, r' on the screen. The value of the program can be received by the function scanf( )

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