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Character I/O : How to use fputc( ) Function in C
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fputc() Function: This function writes a character to a specified file at the current file position and then increment the file position pointer. The putc() macro acts essentially identically to fputc(), but is a macro that expands in-line. It may evaluate stream more than once, so arguments given to putc() should not be expressions with potential side effects.

int fputc(int c, FILE *fp);

The fputc() function returns an integer representing the character written. If a write error occurs the error indicator is set and fputc() returns EOF.

/** program to understand the use of fputc( ) function */

void main()
FILE *p;
char ch;
if((p==fopen("myfile.txt","w"))== NULL)
printf("this file does not exist\n");
printf("enter the text")

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