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C Program example: Print average of n number
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Pint average of n number

Here we are using two header files and five predefine methods. In for loop we sum from 1 to n and then finally find average. In this we are using "\t" for 5 white space.

In this we first declare two integer variable(i,n) ,one float variable(avg) and initialize an integer variable(sum=0). Then to clear the screen we call clrscr() function. After that pint a message .To insert value from keyboard we are using scanf() function. To calculate sum start for loop from 1 to n.

In first iteration calculate sum(0)+i(i=1) and assign into sum=sum+1.Then In first iteration add sum=sum(sum=1)+i(i=2) similarly up to n. After completing for loop calculate average (avg=(float)sum/n). Here we are using (float)sum/n) to calculate float value of average. Finally print average as output.

/* print average of n number. */

void main()
	int i,sum=0,n;
	float avg;
	printf("Enter a to which you have to 
	calculate the arg:\t");
	printf("The average:\t%f",avg);
Output :

Enter a to which you have to calculate the arg: 12

The average: 6.500000

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