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C Program example: Take multiword string from keyword
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Take multiword string from keyword

In this we are using two new functions gets(char c[]) and puts(char c[]). The gets(char c[]) is used to get array of character from keyboard and store it into an array variable c[] .The puts(char c[]) method is used to take values from character array c[] and display on screen.

Here we are using getch() method to take a value from keyboard. This is used to halt the screen until you are not press any key on keyboard.

/* Print the multiword string */

void main()
	char c[10];
	printf("Here you can enter string with space.\n");
	printf("Enter the string:\t");
	puts("Your string is:\t");
Output :

Here you can enter string with space.

Enter the string: Rajesh Kumar (B.Tech-CS)

Your string is: Rajesh Kumar (B.Tech-CS)

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