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If you're not yet scared off by all the differences in syntax and functionality between DHTML in NS 4 and IE 4, you're ready to learn how to make content on your page dynamic, or change on demand!

Dynamic content in NS 4

Dynamic content in the ancient NS 4 is combination of two old methods and a choice between two new tags. The old methods are document.write() and document.close(), while the new tags, <layer> or an absolutely positioned <div>. For your information, NS4 tends to favor layers over divs.

Dynamic content in ns 4

DHTML in NS 4 is quite simple, and comes down to essentially one word- Layer. I was pretty astonished myself, but its true- NS 4 relies completely on a new tag, called the <layer> tag, to spin up its DHTML magic. This new tag is dynamic in that it can be positioned anywhere on a web page (without relation to other content), moved around, its content inside updated on demand, and more.</layer>

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