Table Per Class Hierarchy in Hibernate
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Suppose we have an interface Payment with the implementors CreditCardPayment, CashPayment, andChequePayment.

The table per hierarchy mapping would display in the following way:

 <class name="Payment" table="PAYMENT">
    <id name="id" type="long" column="PAYMENT_ID">
        <generator class="native"/>
    <discriminator column="PAYMENT_TYPE" type="string"/>
    <property name="amount" column="AMOUNT"/>
    <subclass name="CreditCardPayment" discriminator-value="CREDIT">
        <property name="creditCardType" column="CCTYPE"/>
    <subclass name="CashPayment" discriminator-value="CASH">
    <subclass name="ChequePayment" discriminator-value="CHEQUE">

There is a limitation of this mapping strategy: columns declared by the subclasses, such as CCTYPE, cannot have NOT NULL constraints. Exactly one table is required.

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